Take Back the Bronx

The Bronx, was once an Italian-American paradise, particularly, but not exclusively, the "Belmont" neighborhood, with the famous "Arthur Avenue", home to many Italian Restaurants and shops still there today.

However, the number of actual Italian-Americans living in this neighborhood, is practically non-existent as of 2020. My thoughts for this site are simple. We are losing our visibility more and more in New York City. If you watch films such as "A Bronx Tale", you see a glimpse of the Italian-American culture and community that we are seriously lacking. I suggest we all make an effort to "Take Back the Bronx", by renting apartments there, buy homes there, and opens shops and businesses there. We had a burough that was practically ours and it was beautiful. It's still beautiful!

Many of the houses and apartments that most of our ancestors lived in back in the early, mid, etc 1900s are still there in all their glory. I don't know why we ever left, but it's not too late to go back.

Please Note: This site by NO MEANS is calling for violence or threatening behaviors of any kind. It is simply calling for an effort to move back in and reclaim what was ours, and maybe make it even better than before.